Glossary of Terms

1. Anti-Reflection coatings
A coating on the lens surface to enhance the visual performance and cosmetic appearance of your spectacles.


2. Astigmatism
A refractive error in your prescription, caused by an ovalisation of the cornea or crystalline lens, that results in a ‘ghosting’ of your vision.


3. Bifocal Lenses
Provide clear vision at two ranges, generally far and near, with a visible dividing line between them.


4. Cataract
Opacity of the crystalline lens inside your eye.


5. Cornea
The clear front surface of the eye.


6. Conjunctiva
The tissue surrounding the cornea, extending over the ‘white’ of your eyes to line the inner surface of your eyelids.


7. Conjunctivitis
Inflammation of the above tissue.


8. Diplopia
A condition where objects are actually seen double – not to be confused with the ‘ghosting’ effects that can be seen with astigmatism.


9. Glaucoma
Damage to the optic nerve caused by multiple factors, including changes in intra-ocular pressure.
Increasingly common in the over 40 age group and often symptom free in the early stages.
Symptoms include peripheral field loss, tunnel vision and (if not treated early), blindness. Regular eye examinations are recommended when you exceed 40, as advancing age and family history increase the risk of developing this condition.