Q. Why is an eye examination so important?
A. Your eyes are precious and need to be taken care of. Regular eye examinations will ensure that both the health of your eyes and your vision can be monitored and any problems detected at an early stage.


Q. How often should I have a Sight Test?
A. We recommend that you have your eyes examined at least every 2 years. Certain medical conditions require monitoring on a regular basis, and yearly examinations are recommended in these cases. Should you wear contact lenses, yearly appointments are obligatory to renew your annual contact lens prescription. These recommended intervals assume that you are not experiencing any discomfort or visual change.


Q. Will my sight deteriorate if I start wearing Spectacles or Contact Lenses?
A. Wearing a prescription does not make your vision deteriorate. When putting on your spectacles for the first time, you may be surprised at the sharpness of the detail you are seeing – this is because the retinal image is now perfectly focused on your retina and your brain is able to interpret this as a high definition mental picture. Objects were seen with this clarity previously until the change in your prescription brought about a ‘soft focus’ to your vision. Removal of your spectacles can give you the impression that your vision has got worse, when in fact your brain is now in a position to compare the high definition picture through your spectacles with the previously soft uncorrected picture without. Both nature (your genes) and nurture (life’s influence on you) will play a part in how your eyes change with time.


Q. What does the eye examination involve?
A. By carefully interpreting any symptoms or history you may have, an Optometrist is able to carry out a series of examinations and measurements to determine your optimal prescription and general health of your eyes. Should it prove necessary, further equipment may be used to assess your eye pressures, visual fields, colour vision status.


Q. What is the difference between 20/20 and 6/6 vision?
A. No difference! Both these fractions denote perfect sight. 20/20 is the imperial version measured in feet whilst 6/6 is the metric equivalent measured in metres.




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